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"Hi, I'm doug Brody the principle creative director, writer and designer over here at Brody Creative. Stoked you swing by."

We concept, direct and produce branding, marketing and communication projects in traditional and digital mediums for clients of all sizes and in collaborative partnerships of all kinds. Independent since 2015.

I’ve been out working in the creative fields since 1990. Long story short, after 10 years in commercial media production, I cultivated brand chops with 15 years as a creative director, art director and senior copywriter for the iconic communication design agency Heckler Associates, leading everything from strategic brand development to ad campaigns for category leaders like New Balance and Panera Bread as well as several iconic Pacific Northwest food and beverage brands.

Might We Got What You Need?

At Brody Creative, I do the things I enjoyed in agency life and in the production studio. With the help of a few associates and modern tools, we hit the mark in about every marketing medium at hand. We’re well versed in working with stakeholders to establish strong brand identities, powerful packages and effective campaigns. Lifestyle and food and beverage categories are a specialty, B-to-B and B-to-C. Today’s cannabis and hemp market has provided Brody Creative with a breadth of fresh experiences working extensively with global industry pioneers like Tilray and standout brands like Mirayo by Santana and retail chain The Reef.

Our work has been recognized in US Ad Review, Seattle Met, Dieline, Le Book and others. In Seattle, I may be best remembered as the submersive mind behind Ivar’s legendary Underwater Billboards campaign.

Thanks for checking out the site. Hope to hear from you.

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