This is a portfolio site for Brody Creative, an independent creative studio based in Seattle specializing in branding, marketing, advertising, writing and communication design.
Doug Brody, Creative Director, Writer, Branding, Advertising, Copywriting, Seattle, Lifestyle, Food and Beverage, Cannabis, Ivar's, Panera Bread, New Balance, PF Flyers, Leafly, Marley Natural, Tilray, Footwear, Mind Your Head
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image of Brody Creative work space and tools

Brody Creative is a branding and creative agency in Seattle lead by creative director Doug Brody.  We concept, write, design and produce for traditional and digital mediums, in-house and in collaborations of many sorts. We believe in freshness, purpose and craft.  We believe that creativity can find a way.  We believe in earning the bullseye. Other than that, we’re fairly chill.

Branding services:

Strategy, Name, Logo, Look and Messaging

Creative services:

Concept, Writing, Design, Direction

Mediums include:

Packaging, Web, Advertising, Retail, Social, Video, White paper

image of Doug Brody

Doug Brody, Creative Director and Principal

I’m a creative director, art director and senior copywriter with 20+ years branding and marketing experience.   The ten years prior to that, I was a soundtrack composer, crew member and producer of media for games, commercials and videos.  I’ve worked with clients of all sizes from local icons to international giants and played just about every part in the creative food chain at one time or another.   For 15 years I served as creative director and senior writer alongside great talents at Heckler Associates, Seattle’s venerable branding and communication design agency.  From B-to-B-to-C, we produced an endless stream of world class marketing and brand development projects; through many brands in the New Balance family and leading national food & beverage companies, among many others. The agency’s long client relationships gave our team rare vantage of crafting and ongoing marketing of brands.

The last five years have seen an explosion of cannabis branding and marketing. I’ve had the fortune to lead pioneering projects for top brands and companies across the industry like Leafly, Tilray, Headset, Marley Natural, Ascend Wellness and Mind Your Head.   My work has been recognized in US Ad Review, Seattle Met, Dieline, Le Book and others. In Seattle, I may be remembered as the subversive mind behind Ivar’s Seafood Bars legendary Underwater Billboards campaign.