Though it’s the leading cannabis information and shopping site today, when Privateer Holdings bought Leafly in 2011, it was an obscure strain database website and cannabis was only legal medically in a few places the US.   But the brand was ahead of its time, with a clean, approachable, trustworthy sensibility that aligned with Privateer’s mission to destigmatize the emerging industry.

While at Heckler Associates, I worked with the Leafly and Privateer founders for about five years to expand the brand’s strategic footing for growth, to elevate its awareness with high profile activations, and to help it build a profitable trade business.  I scribed Leafly’s longtime descriptor “The World’s Cannabis Information Resource.”    

I helped create the first ever cannabis industry ad for the New York Times.  My tagline “Just Say Know” helped the brand provoke attention while asking consumers to reframe their ideas of cannabis.  The headline was widely used by the brand for a couple years.

I lead the generation of a wide variety of promotions and materials for Leafly, including the first ever cannabis ad in the Seattle Times, marking the legalization of adult cannabis use in Washington state. 

Agency: Heckler Associates

Roles: Creative Director, Writer

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Leafly Neptune Kush Ad
image of Leafy button with Just Say Know text
Leafly “Just Say Know”
Leafly Evergreen State Ad
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