Mind Your Head

We developed an authentic cannabis brand by Grateful Dead drummer and three-time GRAMMY® winning artist Mickey Hart.

The call from California’s Left Coast Ventures couldn’t have been more intriguing.  Soon we were talking with the Harts and pouring through hundreds of pages collected and written by Mickey spanning topics in cannabis history, botany and personal musings.  After the deep dive, we recommended “cannabis-enhanced consciousness” be the primary focus for the brand.  This refined position in the cannabis space provides stand-out brand authenticity; from Mickey to product development to consumer relevance.

We saw Mind Your Head as a great brand name from dozens of ideas Mickey had collected.  With adaptation, his painting of a skeleton drummer became a great logo as well and a clear beacon to any Deadhead or Mickey fan.  Our team developed the logotype and brand graphic look, revisioning choice psychedelic-era poster art inspirations.   And we named the first product: Magic Minis, designed the tin and blister pack which were featured in Dieline.

Quotes from Mickey, printed on the divider inside, inspire creative consciousness.

This brand represents a vibrant thread of cannabis culture in the United States. Throughout the project we sought deep authenticity to Mickey Hart and his community.

The brand website, creatively directed and created by our team, grabs fans with fresh psychedelic imagery and invitations to explore consciousness in a creative zone.   As part of the launch, we designed everything from store merchandising and sell-in materials to t-shirts and social channel banners.   Unveiled in June of 2019, the product was sold out at retail within three days.