Lola Menus

Brand Look, Merchandising

After more than decade with its previous menu design, beloved Seattle restaurant Lola, was ready for something new.  As with many of noted chef Tom Douglas’ venues, Lola cuisine starts with a unique recipe, in this case Greek, North African and Near Eastern influences with his inimitable Northwest touch.  Inviting exploration and casual celebration, our solution featured energetic Moroccan tile patterns collaged with layered textures of paint, for an atmosphere that’s stylishly fresh and deliciously deep with tradition. Colorways are used to organize food menus by day part, with bold drink and dessert menus serving as must-open accents.


We’re proud that our menu design has been adopted over time by the Tom Douglas team as part of the brand’s visual language.


Client: Tom Douglas

Agency: Tom Douglas Restaurants In-house

Roles: Creative Director, Art Director