Velcro – Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow
This is a portfolio site for Brody Creative, an independent creative studio based in Seattle specializing in branding, marketing, advertising, writing and communication design.
Doug Brody, Creative Director, Writer, Branding, Advertising, Copywriting, Seattle, Lifestyle, Food and Beverage, Cannabis, Ivar's, Panera Bread, New Balance, PF Flyers, Leafly, Marley Natural, Tilray, Footwear, Mind Your Head
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Velcro – Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow

Installation, Merchandising, Writing/Messaging

With relevance in numerous product categories, B-to-B marketing and tradeshow presence is essential for Velcro. Our team was tasked with creating booth designs and communication pieces for tradeshows, including Outdoor Retailer, which spans both sporting goods manufacturers and military clients.


Agency: Heckler Associates

Roles: Creative Direction, Writing